IE View

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I seeing a “gIeviewBundle has no properties” error?

Read this blog entry for more information.

It caused a lot of confusion and accidental IE “blacklisting”. It’s now relocated to the Tools menu. See the screenshots.

How about adding the ability to open bookmarks in IE?

Love to, but the bookmarks menus are built in a completely different way than normal Firefox menus – a rather extension-unfriendly way.

Sites in the IE-Always list do open in IE when loaded via bookmarks, though.

How can I open Safari, Opera, Lynx, etc. instead of IE?

In Firefox, go to Tools | Extensions, select IE View, then click the Options button. Use the Find button to find your browser of choice (Opera, etc.), select OK to close the Options dialog, and you’re all set.

What does “IE View reloaded this page in Internet Explorer” mean?

You loaded a page that’s in the Always-View-in-IE list, but by some means other than clicking a link or bookmark in Firefox. The address bar, clicking on a link in another application, etc. will cause this.

The page needs to load first in Firefox before IE View can see it and realize IE needs to run. At that point, IE does run, and IE View replaces the page text in Firefox with this placeholder to avoid the confusion of having both copies open at once.

How can I remove a site from the Always-View-in-IE list?

From the Tools menu, select Add-Ons. Pick IE View from the extensions list, then click the Options button. Select the site you wish to return to Firefox, click Delete, then OK.

How can I disable the Always-View-in-IE list?

This is generally only necessary in unusual circumstances, such as when other extensions are interfering with IE View, causing bookmarks or links to stop working. TabBrowser Extensions is the usual culprit. As of IE View v1.2.2, you can turn off the always-view-in-IE list, which disables the code most likely to run into conflicts.

To completely turn off this feature, you need to manually add a user preference:

  1. Load the about:config screen
  2. Right click, select New, then Boolean
  3. For the name, enter: ieview.disableForce (case sensitive)
  4. For the value, select true to disable all the force-in-IE stuff
  5. Restart Firefox

I love this thing! Can I donate / contribute / thank you in some way?

Absolutely – contributing bug reports and patches helps tremendously; so do contributions of international language text, etc. Spare time would be great, but I’m not sure how you can donate that.

If you really want to say “thanks” in a concrete way (and make me very happy in the process), head over to CD Baby and buy one or two of my songs (or the whole CD).